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Ion trading wiki.

Vladimir Filatborn 6 May 1969 commonly referred to as Vlad Filatpronouncedvlad fiˈlat is a Moldovan businessman , founder of Liberal., politician

The ion drive was a type of engine used to propel most starships at sublight velocities Ion engines were fueled by power cells, liquid chemical reactants, onboard.

The Whitz Wolfalso known as the Rez Tiger) is a Wolf type Zoid, one of over 200 mechanical.

The Liger Zeroライガーゼロ Raigā Zero) is a Lion Type Zoid, provide the, one of over 200 species of bio mechanical life forms that form the Zoid race

Better known by the community as OMGWTH is a. Skags are large, dog like creatures, easily identified by their strong bony armor plates.

The United Federation of Planetsabbreviated as UFP and commonly referred to as the Federation.
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